Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saying a Conflicted "Au Revoir" to France

         Saying goodbye to France has proved difficile. The country that seemed so intimidating and overwhelming when I first moved here seven months ago, the city full of seemingly impossible tasks like getting a French bank account and phone, has grown to become my second home, full of amazing restaurants and fun friends. Saying goodbye to my students was equally difficult, especially when they did cute things like bake me cake or make me cards which read "C'etait cool avec vous. Merci. Bye," in sincere and heart-felt franglais (If anglais = English, and francais = French, franglais = Spanglish, but for French. And that is as close as you will ever see me come to doing math).

View from the club-boat. Much less glamorous if you only knew that it was taken from the window in the women's restroom. But still.
         My teachers invited me to delicious lunches with eight courses, two of which were cheese. My friends and I celebrated in epic style by partying in péniches, or clubs on boats. (Dance moves were busted. Phones were lost. Good times were had by all.)  We indulged first in drunk-food-kebab the night of, and hang-over-kebab the day after.  There were picnics with Nutella-covered strawberries and chips with as-close-as-we-can-come-to-guacemole, since France has tragically never heard of cilantro. There are the two GIANT suitcases that weigh more than me, fully packed to the brim with scarves, coats, and 13 pairs of shoes, 9 of which I purchased while I was here because I just. Couldn't. Resist. There is my bare and naked looking apartment, stripped of photos, posters, and knick-knacks. 

         There is the sadness of leaving and the excitement of coming home, and the same strange melange of emotions I experienced upon leaving college. There is Mexican food soon to be had, but crepes soon to miss. There are old friends I'll now be able to see, and new friends I'll now have to Skype. I'm leaving someplace incredible to go to somewhere just as familiar and good.

         I just can't decide how I feel. 

Bisous, Lyon! I shall miss you.
          [Editor's Note: Don't worry! This blog will not cease to exist. In fact, so much happened that I never had time to write about, that it will be years before I run out of France-related things to post on here...]


  1. What!?!? You're going home? Doh! France will miss you. I look forward to continue to read your blog post-franco.

    BTW...WHAT are those 2 black thangs in the photo? Mutant escargots?

  2. I'll miss your France blogs - but look forward to whatever your write about next.

    Good luck with the move

  3. I have been missing your website for so long! My computer got a virus and I lost all my bookmarks and now you are leaving France! LOL where do you live now?