Tuesday, April 19, 2011


        So, I was being a literature major the other night, doing literature major-y things like looking up poems online, and adding the suffix "-y" to words to make them suit my needs. I felt in need of a little Walt Whitman, and there, on the page, the French internet decided that along with my classy poetry, what I really needed was some big, French ass:

Really, France? Really?
What is the ideal booty? I don't know France. I'm gonna read sonnets for a while, so you tell me.

Mexican cat is confused. It's probably culture clash.


  1. I get these ads all the time when I'm watching TV episodes...for online TV watching it seems a little less awful, but while searching for poetry?! Terrible! Can't they make the ads for cheese or wine at least?

  2. Poem. Tush. Poem. Tush. Sorry, still no causal relationship. Try it in French. Poème. Popotin. Poème. Popotin. Sorry, no causal relationship exists between these two. France - 0. Logic - 1. Sorry France.