Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I've been there!"

          One of the many pleasures of travelling, besides the food and the ability to annoy all your Facebook friends with your numerous and brag-y online photo albums, is the joy of watching a movie or hearing a story and being able to think "I've been there!" 

I've stood where Brad Pitt is standing in the Cannes film festival pictures! 

I've been to the off-the-map Riviera town of Antibes where Chanel had their Resort 2011 show! 

          And now, I've been where Katy Perry had her epic Paris photo shoot for Vanity Fair. 

However, to be totally honest, my picture is a little less glamorous than my fellow California girl:

This is the exact same carousel, directly across the street from the Eiffel Tower. But instead of looking glamorous and full of fashionable ennui, we're sulking, because we were rushing to one of the batteaux tours along the Seine and had no time for carousel rides. That, and my dad and my camera are losing the battle against the photographer and the equipment that major magazines use. Go figure. 

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