Friday, May 27, 2011

Las Vegas, or How I Fail At Life

          How does one react when they are a 23 year old girl who has just spent a little under a year stuffing her face with eclairs and cheese, only to cram herself into a bathing suit a mere two weeks after her return, and march outside where everyone can see the flub she has tried to tame by doing sit-ups (twice) since she got back?

           Short answer: badly. The medium length answer is to shout "No, from the chest up! Take the photo from the CHEST. UP."

           The longer answer involves pictures. 

This is what I looked like at the pool in Vegas: 

Note the strategic use of the water line.

This is what I felt like at the pool in Vegas:

The only thing I can say is, at least I'm tanner than a hippopotamus. 


  1. hahaha i can relate all too much!!

  2. hahaha you're so funny. you still look fine!

    but thank god for photoshop and flattering angles all the same.

  3. awww baby hippos are so cute!!! I saw a baby hippo at the Anvers Zoo while I was there last year! I took a video. There may be some squealing.

    Also you look great!

  4. OMG that hippo photo KILLS me. Hippos are my favorite ever.