Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Play "Are They Gay, or Just French?"

        A few posts ago, I discussed the scientific phenomenon in which one's gay-dar is thrown off immediately upon entering French borders. Let's expand upon that, shall we? Taking into account that French straight men dress nicely, and commonly enjoy showing physical affection for their fellow man friends, judge these photos from the club we went to in Montpellier last Saturday, and post your answers in the comments section. Which are gay, and which are merely... French?

Ready? Let's play:

#2. These were actually our Couch Surfing hosts, so I have the added beneficial knowledge of knowing that at least one of them has a girlfriend. But they do give each other a lot of attention...
Do you see what I mean?!


  1. bahaha this is hysterical and so true!!!! i am literally cracking up

  2. This is so spot-on it's frightening.

    Australian men will hug and embrace ONLY under exceptional circumstances: when drunk,when celebrating their team's win/loss, when someone died or in VERY rare moments of bro-mance style affection (usually incorporating all of the above.)

    French men make my gay-dar fail.

    But they do know how to rock a fitted cardigan.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I used to wonder the same thing about my bf but then realized that I'm just used to American rugged men!

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