Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old French Women: Ambassadors of Style

          I love little old ladies in France, especially on Sundays. I love seeing two of them, arms linked, slowly walking down the boulevard in their best fur coats, maybe with an old-fashioned hat, some shopping bags, or a dog. These ladies are, for lack of a better phrase, bad ass. They may be 90, but they have full make-up on, hair done, and their lipstick is impeccable. And they are here to seize the effing day:

Sex in the City meets Golden Girls

And check out the heels that some of these women are rocking. Not bad. Which brings me to the latest old lady who I saw in Montpellier recently:

          There she was, tottering along on her orthopedic wedge heels, better dressed than many 20-something fashion majors aux Etats-Unis. I was very tempted to ask her about the secret to fashion longevity which French women have seemingly tapped into, but I figured, I already took a sneaky, stalker-y picture of her. I might as well leave her alone. So the world may never know.


  1. These vieilles dames are true fashionistas!
    Can you just imagine them 60 years ago strutting through the boulevards thinking "Can't touch this..."


  2. My 90-year-old neighbor still wears a real fur coat, lipstick and hat or fascinator when she steps out for her daily bread/butcher/cheese/pastry run in the winter. Although there's always the scent of pastis emanating from her.

  3. I love this blog, this is so true! In Sommieres close to where I live, there are these older ladies that just sit on benches on the sidewalk in their furcoats and just watch the world pass by!