Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sickness Stats

Upon Google-Image searching the word "sick" for pics for this blog (a real gamble, I realize in hindsight), this came up.  It makes absolutely no sense, but it is nevertheless my favorite. So here it shall remain.

Number of Sneezes Sneezed: 14
Tablespoons of Dayquil Forced Down: 2
Mugs of Tea Drank: 5
Snacks or Meals Left in the House: 0
Days I Can Hold Out Before Grocery Shopping: Probably 2
Episodes of Community Watched: 12
Number of Tissues Gone Through: 654,351,548,676,132,368

When you break down the circumstances of my life into cold hard facts like that, it really makes me realize how lazy I can be, and how tender my nose is. :-(

Real French Fact #10: If a French person sneezes near you, say: "A tes souhaits!" Pronounced ah tay soo-ay. Literally it means "as you wish," or "to your wishes."

1 comment:

  1. I hope you are feeling better - I was struck down a few weeks ago and I'm still a snotty/coughing delight to be around.
    When home sick in bed I marathoned the first 7 episodes of Pretty Little Liars before I finally realised that the show was pretty much crap and all the characters annoyed me.
    Community FTW.

    Oh - I love your peanut butter Elephant. Il est tres mignon.