Monday, March 7, 2011

I Crack Myself Up Sometimes...

     In order to fully appreciate how stupid this joke is, first you have to see this picture:

     The first time that I saw it, I was laughing my head off for twenty minutes. My friends eyed me with concern and wondered if I was crazy. Weeks pass. I had forgotten about it for a while, until one day as I was browsing a gift store for some postcards to send to friends and family. Eventually, I came across this postcard:

     And instead of one of the many wholesome, appropriate things this image could have made me think of, the first thing that popped into my brain was "I'll get that bitch a baguette! Bitches love baguettes!"

     Maybe there's something wrong with me?


  1. Bitches do indeed love baguettes!

    hahahahaha. Nothing wrong with you at all - this is FUH-NNY.

    And I regularly crack myself up with gags I think are hilarious that only elicit eye-rolls from everyone else.


  2. That was an awesome postcard indeed. And if my life experience has taught me anything, it's that bitches do indeed love baguettes.