Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shutters, or Another Reason to Love France

         There are so many different things to love about French architecture, because it can have so many different styles. There's the Haussmannization of Paris, the Rococo period, the grandiose Baroque style of Versailles, the Gothic cathedrals, and then there's the simple little touches, like shutters on the outside of an ivy-covered cottage in Provence. Shutters are one of my absolute favorite aspects of a French town, and I can't resist taking photos of them. Here are some my favorite finds that I've taken pictures of around France:

Carcassonne. This one was a bird house store.
Generally, I think shutters work best in the atmosphere of a small town. What is your favorite aspect of French architecture? Personally, I wouldn't mind one of those wrought-iron balconies, either...


  1. I love the doors! Especially the massive wooden ones you find on really old buildings and churches etc.

    I have so many photos of doors. And blue shutters - can't ever get tired of blue shutters!

  2. YES YES YES YES YES!!! SHUTTERS!! i'm so glad someone else appreciates this. i see you've been to Aix already, but Marseille has some very lovely ones as well. :) graffiti too!