Friday, March 4, 2011

Nifty French Graffiti

          Here is a collection of the coolest graffiti (le graffiti, or le tagging) that I've seen in my travels around France. I am now kicking myself for not taking a picture of that chimpanzee printed on the side of a building that was thinking Einstein equations. Who could have known it would have ended up being so appropriate?

On the mountain top fortress in Grenoble
We saw at least five shady looking sheep just like this all over Grenoble. We think it must have something to do with the flock of sheep that was run off of a cliff a few hundred years before. 
A rather profound statement, in English (?), in a park in Montpellier
On the rampart walls as you enter Arles from the train station
Last but not least, this one from Aix is not exactly graffiti, but rather an old school billboard printed on the side of the building. Doesn't make it any less cool, though.
Have you seen any amazing graffiti while you've been abroad?

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  1. I love, love, love you blog. That is all. The Twilight footnote posts was super interesting. All of it is!