Friday, March 18, 2011

Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now:

  1. My mom has responded to my request for pity a few pages back and has sent me a care package full of kettle corn, chocolate, and most importantly, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Hell yes.
  2. Spending an hour of my Saint Patrick's Day en France in a metro station, drinking 3 euro champagne with my friends to Jagged Edge's "Where the Party At" playing from someone's lap top, while waiting for others to meet us and ignoring the curious glances of strangers.
  3. Watching my boyfriend get increasingly invested in the show Fringe as we get farther along in the series. I should be outside, showing him the sights of Lyon. Instead, we spend hours on the couch streaming episodes online, yelling for Olivia to run faster so she doesn't get hit by the train. 
  4. Oscar Wilde, who gave us such gems as "I can resist everything but temptation." I love mass, group-effort art, and his grave at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris reminds me a little bit of projects like

          The grave is not only covered in flowers, kisses and lipstick, but more interestingly, also expressions in both English and French that are by the author. 

"All art is essentially inessential."

          Even more touching than the quotes are the letters to Wilde, where people thank him, saying that his books have changed their life. They're either scrawled on the grave itself, or placed at the foot of the grave with stones on top to keep them in place.

On the lower left side: "Life imitates art more than art imitates life."
          If you've seen the film "Paris, Je T'aime," you might remember the part where a couple is in Pere Lachaise and the woman describes Oscar Wilde's last words, which are perhaps the funniest of all time. Dying in a low-end hotel in Paris, just before he drew his last breath, he said "Either this wallpaper goes, or I do." Gotta love this man.


  1. Gotta love car packages from home! Enjoy those girl scout cookies. They are precious!

  2. Love Oscar Wilde.
    Love Pere Lachaise.
    Love the film 'Paris Je t'aime".

    This blog makes me happy. :-)

  3. Had to laugh at Oscar Wilde's last comments - I spent a day at Pere lachaise and Oscar's site was very colourfully decorated with kisses.