Thursday, March 31, 2011

List of Goals

Disclaimer: This picture is actually more a depiction of my emotional state, which is "fatty fat-fat" coupled with "remorse."
  • Work out A LOT so as not to return to the U.S. in one month as a jiggly mound of flab. (If the phrase "jiggly mount of flab" just made you shudder a little bit, it should.)
  • Try every flavor of macaroon and eclair that France has to offer before I leave.
  • Attempt to reconcile Goal #1 and Goal #2.
  • Start posting daily or at least every other day again. 
       Fortunately for you, Goal #4 is the most likely of the list, shortly followed by #2. Unfortunately, the combination of Boyfriend, work, trips to the Riviera and tons of tourism around the city to show Boyfriend the sights have left me with an incredibly happy and fulfilling life, without much time to be on the internet, or use the computer for much else besides marathons of Fringe. And yes, I just named-dropped "trips to the Riviera" like an asshole. 

          Perhaps you can forgive me for that and my recent absence if I shower you with cute animal videos?

          Is.... it.... working?


  1. We were in Paris last weekend and we spent 45 Euros (yes, that's 45 big ones) on macarons and cakes at Pierre Herme. Admittedly there were 4 of us, but I'm still getting the post-macaron blow out guilts.

    We also went to Berthillon for ice creams. Twice.

    *Hangs head in shame*

    I'm well ensconced in the Post-France column.

  2. Sigh.... Me too. When I got first got to France it was one pain au chocolat a day. Then it was two. Now I'm a weekly meeting. "Hi, I'm Jim. I'm a pain au chocoholic".