Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Top 10 Wine-Related Moments in France

A French Army Knife. (Get it? Get it?)
10) Getting enthusiastic and knowledgeable wine recommendations from total strangers in the supermarket. On a regular basis.

9) Drinking wine in a metro stop on Saint Patrick's Day with all my friends.

8) Trivia Tuesdays at The Smoking Dog, one of the best pubs in Vieux Lyon.

7) The Beaujolais Festival in Lyon.

Easily-thrown together picnic lunch of brie, baguette, muscat, fois gras, and Maille mustard from Dijon. 
6) Discovering the complimentary combination of fois gras and muscat, and then sharing it with all my visiting American friends. Highly recommended: fried fois gras with rock salt sprinkled on top. As if it really needed to get more unhealthy for you.

5) Two completely free, massive-scale wine exhibitions where I bought tons of wine for Christmas presents, sampled so many wines that I actually had to start spitting them all out, became ridiculously, pleasantly drunk anyway, and happily munched on all the gourmet free samples of snacks that one could wish for.

The vineyard we tasted at in Beaujolais
Stefany and I sampling some Beaujolais grapes because we were starving during the tour
The neighboring towwn of Beaujeu
4) Wine tasting in the Beaujolais area, one of the southern appellations of the Burgundy region of France. Only a 45 minute drive away from Lyon!

Chateau Villandry, famous for it's amazing (and extensive) gardens
3) Wine tasting in the Loire Valley with my tour group, between chateau tours.

My favorite champagne tasting at Mumm.
2) Champagne tasting in Reims, one of the most important cities of the Champagne region in France.

The oyster farms on the coast, right next to the restaurant
1) Fresh oysters with white wine in a tiny sea-side village outside of Bordeaux.

Individual posts about my top three coming soon!

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