Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why I Miss France: Reason #3

One of the busy streets in the medieval part of town, Vieux Lyon.
          Although I didn't realize how much I treasured it at the time, I miss the French language. (Finally. Something on the list which is not food.) I studied French originally because I thought it was the prettiest language I'd ever heard, and living there only made me agree more. When I would walk down the crowded, urban streets of Lyon, I would be surrounded by all the French conversations around me, and I often shamelessly spent most of my commute eavesdropping on other people's conversations to practice my comprehension skills. Not only was my nosiness justified, I got to feel smarter just by keeping my ears open and my brain immersed. Although I have a hefty amount of French films on my Netflix queue now to fill the void, I'm afraid it's just not the same.

          But if you need any proof that the language is romantic, full of entrancing subtlety and sexiness, I offer you proof in the form of actor Bradley Cooper speaking French. Because oui, he speaks French, in addition to being well-dressed, handsome, and rich. What an overachiever. 

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